Boundaries Masterclass

a step-by-step guide to intimacy and freedom



Determine what boundaries need to be strengthened with one simple strategy.


Deepen your sense of connection and belonging with those who matter most.


Discover your inner-strength and the freedom to show up as your true self.



Move step-by-step through your relationships and clarify where you need better boundaries.



Implement easy-to-use boundary strategies for clear and compassionate communication.



Use word-for-word templates to draft, edit, and communicate in any boundary situation. 



See behind-the-scenes as I coach a student through real-life boundary issues. 



On-demand when you need it most. Anytime, anywhere.



I am in your corner and I want you to win! If for any reason you get stuck, or you have a question about any lesson or homework assignment... or if you simply just don't want to feel alone while you do this work... email me/us and I'll make sure that you get help right away. 

Here's how it all breaks down.

Wanna know what's inside? Here's a play-by-play.

You'll start with a brief video from me welcoming you to the course and explaining what to do next. This step is quick and easy because I want you to get started on the good stuff right away.

Stack one is all about assessing who's in your life and which relationships need clearer boundaries. You'll learn easy-to-use tools for figuring out which relationships need better tools, and which ones are fine as-is.

Each lesson comes with a PDF download so that you quickly and easily review the tools and homework.

In Stack One, you'll move from your outer-most-circle of acquaintances all the way into your innermost circle. I'll give you tons of tips and and practical tools that you can put to use right away. 

Each lesson is straight to the point and packed with information. Rewatch a lesson at any time.

In Stack Two, you'll move through all the basic tools you need to start to clarify your boundaries.

You'll learn about enmeshment and how to create clearer boundaries and more freedom in enmeshed relationships.

You'll learn about disengagement and how to create more intimacy and connection in relationships that have become distant.

You'll learn learn the first steps for communicating a boundary and the three tests that your communication needs to pass before you have a conversation.

You'll learn "Jedi Magic" -- the unexpected and interesting boundary tools that come from working with horses and toddlers.

Finally, you'll learn about the Four Core Boundary Setting Emotions, what they are, what they mean, and what action they want you to take.

In Stack Three, you'll refine your boundary scripts using the templates for different scenarios.

You'll learn how to make requests. You'll get specific scripts for intimate relationships (like your loved ones) and a different template script for requests from people who aren't in your intimate circle (like your child's teacher).

Then you'll move on to how to handle accepting or declining a request from someone else. You'll work through several templates involving different scenarios and script examples.

Since saying "No" is often the most difficult part of boundary setting, there's an entire lesson devoted to compassionate and caring ways to say "No."

If you're in a high conflict situation (like a divorce or a law suit), or you're needing boundary work with someone that has a high conflict personality (borderline, narcissistic, etc.) -- there's an entirely different way that you need to script boundaries. So, I've devoted an entire lesson specifically for these types of people and situations. Even if you don't have this in your life, don't skip this lesson because I offer tips for how to make sure you avoid these situations before it's too late.

Lastly, you'll learn how to honor other people's boundaries and some of the common ways that you may have inadvertently crossed someone else's line.

See behind the scenes as I work privately with a student, coaching them through a real life boundary situation.

In the first session, I work with a woman who is about to open a brand new business after being a stay-at-home mom for most of her kids lives. We talk through the boundaries needed for her kids, for herself, and for her business.

In the second session, I work with a woman who needs to set boundaries with her family of origin. We talk through her love of her family, and her sense of obligation and guilt, and how difficult it is to heal and move on after trauma and addiction. 

You'll watch a quick wrap up video congratulating you on all the course work that you've done. You'll receive your last homework assignment and the next steps to take after completing the course.

"Meadow's brilliant. If you have a desire to go deeper with your work, this is where you belong."

Laura McKowen
Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur

I’ve invested over a decade with women like you who...

  • struggle to find their voice, their mojo, their power
  • want intimacy but don't know how to get it
  • value kindness and compassion 
  • are tired of wasting precious time and energy, who want a step-by-step system they can trust
  • recognize that there’s still no getting around this boundary thing, and are willing to do the work

The result is...

an easy-to-follow, Boundaries Setting Method that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for clear communication of your boundaries so that you can experience more intimacy and freedom with those that you love.

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3 Huge Boundary Mistakes to Avoid

In this FREE class you will learn:

The three major mistakes that most people make when they try to set boundaries.

The two surprising gifts that boundaries offer you and those you love. 

A step-by-step blueprint for how to strengthen your backbone, communicate with kindness, and lovingly protect what’s important to you.


Boundaries Masterclass

a step-by-step guide to intimacy and freedom


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