Money Love School

A step-by-step blueprint to help you repair, restore and renew your relationship with money. 



Permanently transform the way you interact with money.


Pay off debt, increase earnings, and limit mindless spending.


Feel empowered, capable and worthy of financial freedom

"Money work = life work. Not only will your relationship with money be transformed, but YOU will be transformed."

Shelby Messenger
Yoga Teacher, Master Somatic Coach, and EFT Practitioner

Who should sign up for Money Love School?

Whether your goal is to pay off debt, increase earnings, limit mindless spending, boost your savings or to feel empowered, capable and worthy of financial freedom - our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

Ambitious Beginners

You love to learn and you're curious about the subject of money. Whether you're brand new to this topic, or simply trying a different approach, you're ready for lasting change.

Generous Givers

Whether at home, at work, with family or friends, you tend to notice the needs of others and try to make sure that everyone around you gets the love and respect they deserve.

Smart Savers

You are practical, frugal and like to have a plan. Whether you're working on getting out of debt or planning for your future, stability and security are important to you.



Move step-by-step through the foundational practices of Money Love, learn how to use the Abundance Scale, and how to use the Abundance Journal to permanently transform the way you interact with money.



You'll move step-by-step through the stories that shape your relationship with money. You'll discover where old stories are keeping you stuck and uncover new stories to help you repair your relationship with money.



You'll implement easy-to-use tools for accounting, managing your household, and for making educated choices with your spending and earning.



Listen in on several money coaching sessions as I coach a variety of students through real-life money issues. Listen in on some of my best money classes, and some of my favorite interviews on money.



On-demand when you need it most. Anytime, anywhere.



I am in your corner and I want you to win! If for any reason you get stuck, or you have a question about any lesson or homework assignment... or if you simply just don't want to feel alone while you do this work...  leave a comment on any lesson. I'll be notified immediately and I'll make sure that you get help right away. 


The Practices (6 classes) valued at $397

The Stories (4 classes) valued at $397

The Tools (8 classes) valued at $777

Bonus Material (over 20 hours) valued at $2000

Total Value = $3571


Save $3174 TODAY

Here's how it all breaks down.

Wanna know what's inside? Here's a play-by-play.

You'll start with two brief videos from me. One welcomes you to the course and explains what to do next. The next introduces you to the suggested course materials. This step is quick and easy because I want you to get started on the good stuff right away. 

Section One is all about the foundational tools to help you permanently change the way you think about money. You'll figure out your net worth (it's easy, I promise!). Learn to use the Abundance Scale. You'll learn the Four Types of Spending and the Three Types of Earning and then you'll begin a daily practice that completely changes the way you interact with money.

Each lesson comes with a PDF download so that you quickly and easily review the tools and homework. Each lesson is straight to the point and packed with information. Rewatch a lesson at any time.

In Section Two, you'll move daily prompts to help you work through any stories that may be keeping you stuck. Stories hold power... so it's important to look at your beliefs and stories so that you can make educated choices to help create more freedom, more abundance, and more well-being in your life.

You'll begin looking at your story about money, your driving beliefs about money, your biggest fears, and your biggest hopes about money. Next, you'll go deeper into your money stories, you'll look at stories about whether or not you find money to be difficult, how your life would improve if you had more (or less) money, and stories about your financial past.

Then, you'll look at who your money role models are, what your finances say about you as a person, and why you do (or do not) deserve more money. In the last class on money stories, you'll look at your stories about your financial future, and what you're willing (and not willing) to sacrifice for money.

Step-by-step, you'll discover where limiting beliefs and unconscious thoughts have kept you stuck and you'll work lesson by lesson to find better beliefs to help you restore and renew your relationship with money. 

In Section Three, you'll implement tools for accounting, managing your household, and for making educated choices with your spending and earning.You'll start by getting all of your account information in one place, making it quick and easy to stay connected.

You'll learn how to look at your home as a business and work to lower the overhead so that you can increase household profit. You'll learn easy strategies for determining what you can afford and when you should buy.

Through a step-by-step inquiry process, you'll determine your earning power and easily learn to increase your bottom line. 

Learn a fail-proof easy system to eliminate debt once and for all. You'll learn about the pros and cons of renting, leasing and owning cars, homes and anything else. Learn how your unconscious judgments about positive and negative money-related words keep you stuck. 

And finally, you'll wrap up Section Three by looking creating a worst case scenario strategy to help you eradicate your worst fears. Finish up the course with powerful exercises and simple next steps to keep you on track after you finish the course.

Listen behind the scenes as I work privately with several money students, coaching them through a real life money situations.

You'll hear me work coach students who are trying to pay off debt, trying to create security, afraid of success, ashamed of wealth, afraid to enter the marketplace, and much more.

Listen in on some of my student favorite money classes from the archives. You'll learn how to think about earning, spending, money, debt, financial courage, financial sobriety, and how to have compassion for your money past, present, and future.

I also share a few of my favorite interviews where I get to share my story and go into the nitty gritty about how I ended up over $500k in debt, how I paid it off, and what I learned about money, love, and life itself.

You'll watch a quick wrap up video congratulating you on all the course work that you've done. You'll receive your last homework assignment and the next steps to take after completing the course.

Money Love School

A step-by-step blueprint to help you repair, restore and renew your relationship with money. 


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